Jennifer on May 29, 2009

Social Media Club San Antonio was asked to participate in a sneak peek preview tour of the new Museum Reach Expansion phase of the River. There was lots of picture taking, tweeting, facebooking, live streaming via Kyte and yes, even this audio post on Utterli. You can find all info using hash tag #sariver A […]

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jennifer on March 11, 2009

I believe there is a business card identity problem. In the modern day most folks do more than one thing. In years past you had a business card from the company you worked for and that was all you needed. Fast forward to today and folks may work for a company, have their own business […]

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Jennifer on January 30, 2009

On a cold day in January folks came together to not only have a free taco or two but to be a part of what we hope will be a new World Record for # of coffee serves at a single event. Mobile post sent by jennifer using Utterli.  Replies.  mp3 Play in new window | […]

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Jennifer on January 29, 2009

On Friday, January 30th I’ll be at the 31st Annual Cowboy Breakfast in San Antonio. Heralded as the beginning of the Livestock Show & Rodeo, the Cowboy Breakfast is a much loved early morning tradition. Beginning at 4:30am and ending by 9:00am. The organizers of the Cowboy Breakfast hope to break the World Record for […]

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jennifer on January 13, 2009

With the successful launch of Social Media Club San Antonio in September 2008 and the continued growth in UnConference style events it appears it’s time for another San Antonio first. On Wednesday, January 21st Social Media Breakfast San Antonio will hold it’s first meeting. Founder of Social Media Breakfast and recent transplant from Boston to […]

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As the end of 2008 approached, the onslaught of list posts increased” “The Top 10 …” “The Things I Learned in 2008” And so on. Which then led to the inevitable list posts for 2009 predictions: “How to Make 2009 the Best Year Ever” “The 5 Things You Can Do to Start the Year Off […]

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jennifer on December 28, 2008

We all lead busy lives. It doesn’t matter if you are a 9am-5pm cube dweller or a stay-at-home mom and dad. From the time we wake up until we finally close our eyes, we are busy. Time is already at a premium, so how are we supposed to add social networks into our jam-packed schedule? […]

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Jennifer on November 30, 2008

30 Podcasts in 30 Days?! You did it! Congratulations! Thanks for being part of the crazy fun that is the National Podcast Post Month. I’m already looking forward to next years marathon of podcasting. 🙂 Mobile post sent by jennifer using Utterli.  Replies.  mp3 Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

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Jennifer on November 29, 2008

On this 29th day of NaPodPoMo, I look back at the marathon podcasting experience. It was less and more of what I had expected. There were things I missed out on and things I learned. Overall it was a growing experience, but it was also quite different than last year. Mobile post sent by jennifer […]

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Jennifer on November 27, 2008

Sometimes when we think about a task we imagine it is harder than it actually is. When in practice it is far easier than we thought. Mobile post sent by jennifer using Utterli.  Replies.  mp3 Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

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