Blockchain for Content Creators: March 2022



What this course is and what this course is not...

This course has been designed to inform content creators about the blockchain as a content destination. It is meant to be a primer for the research and due diligence you will do as you explore and understand the blockchain landscape as a content creator and content curator.

NOTE: As this course is a primer meant as an introduction to the concept and understanding of creating content on the blockchain, please know this course is strictly for informational and educational purposes only.

Throughout the course your instructors may share their personal experiences which may include content creation and/or curation rewards. These are based on their own personal created content and are examples used for reference. Please note their results are unique to their content creation and curation experience.

There is no guarantee of rewards, but should your participation on the blockchain incur rewards there may be financial or tax implications. Do your own research, due diligence, and consult your financial advisor .

How to get the most out of the course

  1. Read, listen, watch each lesson.
  2. Take notes. Lots of notes.
  3. Ask questions. So many questions.
  4. Take action

That's it!

Do the steps listed above and you will be well on your way to understanding if the blockchain might be a destination for the content you create. Now let's get started!

What You'll Learn

  • 01 Courses and Workshops

    • 1 Protected: Blockchain Workshop
  • 02 Tools

    • 2 Protected: Browser
    • 3 Protected: Hive Keychain
  • 03 Blockchain Options

    • 4 Protected: Hive Blockchain
  • 04 Getting Started

    • 5 Protected: Create Your Account