Explaining Web 3.0 Starts With A Meme

You know what that sound means? It’s time for Social Media and the Blockchain with me, Jennifer Navarrete. The goal of this show is to demystify your use of the blockchain, simplify the onboarding process, and encourage you to learn more about Web 3.0.

Today, my focus is on that first part. demystifying the blockchain. You may think the blockchain is a difficult and complex topic to discuss and it can be, but remember that all we are here to do is focus in one idea per day. We’re going to baby step our way to understanding. Each show will build upon the previous so that by the time we are done with this 30 day series you will have a confident understanding of social media and the blockchain. So let’s get started.


Today I am going to share something I believe will help set the foundation for everything else and it all starts with a meme. A meme? Yes, a meme. It gave a quick comparison of Web 1. 0, Web 2.0, and Web 3.0 And it went like this:

| Web 1.0 | Companies make the content | Companies make the money

| Web 2.0 | Users make the content | Companies make the money

| Web 3.0 | Users make the content | Users make the money

Users make the content and users make the money? Hmm…What exactly does that mean?

Well we’ll dive further into that this week beginning with episode 3. Thank you for joining me for another episode of Social media and the Blockchain. 

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