Hive Blockchain Onboarding

Welcome to your onboarding session as part of the course. In preparation for our scheduled one-on-one meeting, you’ll need to have the Brave Browser and Hive Keychain extension.

Step 1: Suggested Browser

Consider using the Brave Browser

It is advisable to keep blockchain activity on a separate browser from your day to day work and personal web surfing. The Brave Browser is less commonly used and has the ability to add extensions which will be extremely helpful in the day to day actions you will take on the blockchain. Google Chrome also has the ability to use these extensions.

The Brave Browser also offers the ability to earn BAT (Basic Attention Token) rewards for viewing advertisements. These rewards are disbursed once a month. Learn more about Brave by clicking the image below.


Step 2: Add the Hive Keychain Extension to the Brave Brower

Keeping your account secure on the Blockchain is of utmost importance.

Hive Keychain acts as a wallet for your activity on the Blockchain and will allow for faster and more secure engagement. The Hive Keychain will prompt your approval by asking you to verify your actions before posting, commenting, upvoting, making transactions, etc…

  1. Open the Brave Browser
  2. Click on
  3. Click on the Brave icon to download the extension (see image “A” below)
  4. Click on “Add to Brave” button (see image “B” below)
AHive Keychain website screenshot with arrow pointing to Brave Browser logo BHive Keychain extension screenshot



Now you are ready for our meeting. I look forward to our meeting and welcoming you to the world of blockchain-based social media on Hive.