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Healthcare Reform Live Webcast

Live Webcast for Online CommunityOne of the best things about Social Media is the ability to join the conversation. This works for us in that we can participate in events that are happening anytime and anywhere regardless of location.

Bringing the outside world in and vice versa. Even if we can’t be there physically, we can be there virtually. We live stream our monthly meetings and Camps so folks all over the globe can be a part of what we are doing in San Antonio, TX.

It’s always been my vision to take the knowledge and use of the online tools to folks outside of the early adopter and geek crowd. For me, it’s a no-brainer to add the online component to any event. It’s always been my opinion, “If it’s worth having the event, it’s worth streaming.”

So you can imagine how pleased I am to be part of the team that is bringing the hot-button topic of Healthcare Reform to  the online community. On Saturday, August 29th at 10am a webcast of “The Third Rail of Health Reform: Cost” will go live. From the comforts of home, you can watch the discussion as it unfolds. Even better, online participants can submit questions for morning and afternoon panelists to answer.

How awesome is that?!

Social Media is changing the way things are done. I believe the ability to have a live and virtual audience participate in an event like this is groundbreaking. I hope this is a stepping stone for how future hot-button topics are discussed.

Feel free to send me leave me your thoughts in the comment box or you can always reach me on Twitter.

Crossing A New Frontier

I have always considered myself somewhat of an adventurous spirit. Not in the climb K-2 without oxygen kind of way, but more in the willing to try something new way. My most recent adventure has been to brave the live video stream for Tech in Twenty. It was something my co-host, Luis Sandoval, and myself had been discussing for some time. We had several listener requests for a video version of Tech in Twenty and with 9 months of podcasts under our belt we were ready to brave the video frontier.

So, on Saturday afternoon a little after 3pm, Tech in Twenty went live with our first video show from the IGOSA Studio. A few differences you’ll note is that the show was longer than 20 minutes. As a matter of fact it was 3x longer! Since Luis and I have no shortage of topics, ideas and opinions to share, discuss and disagree on, the hour flew by.

Topics were chosen by fans on the Tech in Twenty’s Facebook Page. An ongoing poll will select upcoming video show topics. The best way to have your say is to become a fan and vote!

Here is our inaugural show. We had a great time recording and thanks to Ed Lozano and Kaye Cruz of IGOSA for being the pros behind the camera.

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