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Invest in Your Passions…Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Invest in your passions. Follow things that interest you. My entire podcasting career comes from the fact that when I heard about podcasting and realized what it was, went all in EVEN when there was no money to be made. Remember in 2005, podcasting was not a billion-dollar industry. Yet, I KNEW it was going to be a powerful way the entire world could share and connect. 

Fast forward to last year when I began to play around with social audio of Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. I KNEW the live aspect and interaction were going to make this a big global connector. It most definitely has been that for me and many others active in the social audio space.  Graphic with photos of the "Top 22 Experts to Follow for 2022 Twitter Spaces"

When I was named to the Top 22 Experts to Follow for 2022 Twitter Spaces list I had no idea how it would open the door to guest interviews on several International shows. My global reach has expanded in a way the 2005 version of myself would be amazed at. 

I owe so much to Jennifer from 2005. That Jennifer went all-in with podcasting and invested the time, effort, and resources it took to turn a simple passion into a career. The rewards which stemmed from that investment far outweigh a single dollar made. That investment has given me far more than I could have dreamed of all those years ago.

My message to you?

Invest in your passions.

I use the word invest because it is most definitely going to take an investment of time and resources to take your passion and turn it into something fulfilling and meaningful.

Only you get to decide what = fulfilling and meaningful.

By investing in your passion you allow yourself the freedom to see where that investment will take you. My own journey has been the most amazing adventure and one I am grateful I began 16 years ago.

Jennifer Navarrete hosting a Twitter Spaces 101 tutorial

Twitter Spaces 101 Series

TWITTER SPACES 101 – GETTING STARTED: How to find Spaces in the mobile app. Walk through of all the basic features:
– Sharing
– Emojis
– Speaker and Attendee list
– Captions

This video tutorial is part one of a live audio series which will cover Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse, Facebook’s upcoming audio portfolio, and more.

Upcoming Twitter Spaces videos will cover room moderation strategies, adding sharable tweets, example use cases, and Spaces promotion.

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How to add tweets to Twitter Spaces. Once you have a live Spaces session:
1. Select the tweet you want to share within the Space
2. Hit share option inside tweet
3. Select “Your Space”
4. Go back to your live Spaces session and the tweet will show up at the top of your live Spaces session
5. Repeat this until you have all of the tweets you want to share.

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Twitter Spaces 101: Scheduling (Pros & Cons)

:16 How to schedule a Space on Twitter
1:30 Where to find the scheduled Space
2:30 Notifications from Twitter for scheduled Spaces

Follow me on Twitter and join my weekly scheduled Spaces on Tuesdays: https://twitter.com/epodcaster

How to find Spaces on Your Desktop Browser:
1. Go to https://search.twitter.com on your browser.
2. In the search bar type: twitter.com/i/spaces lang:en (or your preferred language*).
3. Click on the “Latest” tab to see active Spaces.
4. Click on “Start Listening” once you find a topic of interest.
*To see global Spaces in any language leave out the lang:en

Have ideas for a Twitter Spaces 101 tutorial? Share it in the comments.
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Walk Talk Challenge podcast header showing four women walking

Walk Talk Challenge

The Walk and Talk Challenge is for Women Entrepreneurs:

A 30 minute walking discussion of open conversation around your entrepreneurial goals and challenges.

It’s an Entrepreneurial Brain Jam!

So get ready to lace up your shoes to walk and talk about your business.

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