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  • The Things I’m Doing, The Places I’ll Be

    If you’ve ever taken the time to look on the right side of my blog, you’ll see the section titled, “The Things I’m Doing, The Places I’ll Be”.  I started using this a few years ago in response to folks asking me, “What do you have coming up?” Since not everyone can keep track of…

  • Social Media Community Profile

    The wonderful and very talented Stephanie King  aka @szking  used her film and production expertise to create this amazing video profile.

  • Intro to Expanding Your Brand Using Online Tools

    Video Intro to my session of The Girlfriend’s Guide to Business of Blogging

  • Crossing A New Frontier

    I have always considered myself somewhat of an adventurous spirit. Not in the climb K-2 without oxygen kind of way, but more in the willing to try something new way. My most recent adventure has been to brave the live video stream for Tech in Twenty. It was something my co-host, Luis Sandoval, and myself…