Web3 & Social Media for Creators Workshop Series


Is the future of content creation on Web3?

If you’re a Creator and you’ve been hearing about Web3, you might be wondering if the blockchain is a place for you. Maybe it is or maybe it isn’t. How can you know for sure?

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Discover what Web3 has to offer Creators (like you)…


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The Future of Social Media

The world is shifting from a Web2 content creation model of limited ownership and barriers to earning aka “Creators make the content and Companies make the money” to a place where Creators have ownership and the ability to earn aka “Creators make the content. Creators make the money.”

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Uncover the Secret to Monetization

In the traditional social media space (Web2), Creators must build an audience before they can earn or be qualified to participate in partner or creator programs. On Web3 the ability to earn is part of the framework of the blockchain. It is possible to earn from your very first post on your very first day.

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From Confused to Confident

New platforms and communities can be confusing . This workshop will give you the confidence you need to know exactly how Web3 can work for you.

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Demystify the Blockchain

A clear look at how the blockchain works for Creators. Understanding the terminology with a comparison to traditional content creation practices.

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Are you ready for a 4-hour deep dive into how I have been actively creating content (and earning) on the blockchain since March 2021?

I invite you to peek behind the curtain to see:

  • Which blockchains I am creating content on a regular basis
  • What types of content I am posting to the blockchain
  • How much I am earning on each post
  • Take a look at my wallet activity
  • Best practices for success

Please Note:

This workshop is is based on my personal experiences as a Web3 Content Creator. As such, this workshop is strictly for informational and educational purposes. Examples shown are not guarantees of similar outcomes. As always, do your own due diligence and research before making any decisions.