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Too Busy to Blog?

What happens when so many phenomenal things are happening that you just don’t have the time to write about them? Sure, I tweet about everything that is going on, but Twitter is simple. I can almost do that with my eyes closed. Writing a blog post about all the cool stuff does take more of a thought process than 140 characters and certainly more time. To give you an idea about what I’m talking about, here are some of my tweets from the last few days:

10/3/08 @epodcaster: Good Morning! Getting ready for some First Friday Co-Working fun at Firecat Studio. Topic: Guerilla Marketing for the Entrepreneur

10/4/08 @epodcaster: AIR San Antonio is off to a great start. The teams are working hard with their non-profit partners. Great job Sharon, Susan & Todd

10/4/08 @epodcaster: basking in the SMC Austin & San Antonio Mixer afterglow. Great time and phenomenal conversation.

10/7/08 @epodcaster: Good Morning! Getting myself ready for today’s Social Media Breakfast in Austin. Looking forward to chatting it up…after coffee of course”

And finally, I submit the tweet that got me thinking about writing this blog post:

10/7/08 darylcognito: @epodcaster it would be interesting if you podcasted or blogged about those events.

There is no doubt that each one of those tweets could easily be it’s own blog post. Tweeting about these events is certainly easy and can be done on the fly. Whereas a blog post takes a more concentrated effort. Given that I’m becoming more of a mobile tweeter, blogging does take a back seat.

However, Daryl makes a good point. It would be interesting to podcast or blog these events. While a tweet does give a glimpse of what is going on, it doesn’t really get into the meat of the event. I’ll compare it to eating an hors d’oeuvre at a fancy restaurant when what you really wanted was a big fat juicy burger. Sure it’s still food, but nowhere near as satisfying.

The solution? It’s a good thing to expand beyond the 140 character limit of Twitter. As a matter of fact it’s a great thing. The challenge will be for me to recognize those blog worthy tweets. Feel free to chime in, like my Canadian friend Daryl did, to let me know if I’ve missed the obvious post.


What I’m talking about 2008-10-07

  • @SACynic: Heehee! Leave it to you to come up with a non-smelling salts version of the coffee whiffer. #
  • @jchutchins: I hear you. Thankfully I’ve delegated dishes to the kids. #
  • @darylcognito: Go for it! Push through and see what interesting and surprising things happen. #
  • @doctorlinguist: I like milk with my cereal, chocolate cake and donut. Yeah, I’m craving sweets right now. #
  • I’ve got to make it to Austin for the Social Media Breakfast by 7:30am. Means I’ll need to get to sleep at a reasonable hour. Wish me luck. #
  • @SheilaS: I agree. You, my dear, are one of a kind 🙂 #
  • @PreppyDude: Thanks, I know I’ll need it. #
  • Good Morning! Getting myself ready for today’s Social Media Breakfast in Austin. Looking forward to chatting it up…after coffee of course #
  • Finally made it to Rudy’s BBQ for the Social Media Breakfast. Took 2 hours to get here. Morning traffic fail. #
  • “social media will become part of the employee workflow” Social Media breakfast Austin #
  • PreppyDude: your good traffic karma did work. No accidents on the road. Just regular old morning traffic. 🙂 #
  • @darylcognito: there have been a lot of great events happening lately. Lots of folks who are passionate about SM & doing really cool things #
  • “we are early into Social Media” Peter Kim #
  • @Shaine: it was great chatting about Social Media initiatives in the RGV. #
  • on my way to hang with @doingmedia at Coworking LaTaza. #
  • @danieljohnsonjr: AMEN! It’s all about ownership. Own your destiny, own your responsibility, own your problems and own your success. #
  • Feeling a twinge of fatigue after a late night and super early morning for #SMB Austin. Well worth it though. #
  • @TDefren: Tru dat. #

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What I’m talking about 2008-10-06

  • Finally got a chance to watch IronMan without interruptions. Pretty good. I’m looking forward part 2. #
  • Uploading pics from last nights Social media Club Mixer. We really had a great time. Thanks Chris & Kristie! #
  • @Enlighten_Up: Great post on the SMC Mixer last night. BTW, since John and I are married we spell our last name the same (2 R’s & 1 T) 😉 #
  • Just finished uploading the latest Morning BrewCast. The Coffee Gals are back with show #53. #
  • Now I bid you kind Twitterfolks a good and blessed night. Sweet Dreams! I’ll see you in a few hours. #
  • @mdeleon & @shaine: Heehee! Thanks for the MBC love guys. 🙂 #
  • North Carolina 281, completely blocked off, South bound of 281. Block off at Hildebrand, helicopters flying ove… #
  • @cliffordsound: Congrats on finishing the MS150 bike ride this past weekend. That’s quite and accomplishment. #
  • Interesting how the effects of the economy trickle down to average person. Not just in the cost of goods, but the availability of services #
  • @stacyharp: I don’t know if it’s better, but I use Google Reader. I believe @sheilas is a fan of FeedDemon. #
  • @shaine: Ha! What a hoot. I’ll bet that was not the original intended purpose for Britekite, but what a great way to be able to track gigs. #
  • @shaine: You always do cool stuff for me. I do recommend folks take the time to recommend folks on LinkedIn. #
  • We’re hearing that folks are interested in the Coffee Whiff Machine from Morning BrewCast #53 #

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What I’m talking about 2008-10-05

  • basking in the SMC Austin & San Antonio Mixer afterglow. Great time and phenominal conversation. #
  • Kudos to @pandaran and @conniereece for coordinating the fun. Also a hat tip to @mdeleon for suggesting our meeting spot Tres Hermanas. #
  • Good morning. Think I might go over to visit my sister this morning. A little coffee and kolache with our conversation. #

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What I’m talking about 2008-10-04

  • Feast Patriots 28 Tribe Warriors 0 at the end of the 1st quarter. #
  • Just finished eating dinner with @hrbabe, @jackieadame, @sacynic & John. Full and satisfied. #
  • Good morning! Getting ready to head out the door for AIR San Antonio. #
  • I’m looking forward to tonight’s mixer with Chris Heuer & Kristi Wells. Why not join the fun? #
  • AIR San Antonio is off to a great start. The teams are working hard with their non-profit partners. Great job Sharon, Susan & Todd #
  • @BryanPerson: 90 degrees in the Fall? Welcome to Texas! #
  • Please tag all AIR San Antonio posts, pics and video as #airsa08 kthxby 🙂 #
  • @cliffordsound: Hydration! Hope you feel better. Thanks for taking part in the MS150. #
  • @shelleyrae: Welcome to the Twitter fun! It was great to meet you at AIR San Antonio. See you tonight at SMC Mixer in San Marcos. #
  • We’re carpooling it to San Marcos for the Social Media Club mixer. Being green, sharing gas expense, lowering our carbon footprint and stuff #
  • @marismith: You can also purchase from an AT&T store. Yes, only AT&T service unless you jail break and use it with your existing carrier. #
  • Juan got us here quickly. So we’re awaiting a cold beverage to quench our thirst. Meet us at Tres Hermanos #
  • @Springanew: cool. We’ll see you in a bit. #
  • Sitting down to dinner with @chrisheuer , @bryanperson, @scottallen, @conniereece, @kristiwells, mikechapman, springanew, @pandaran #

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What I’m talking about 2008-10-03

  • Good Morning! Getting ready for some First Friday Co-Working fun at Firecat Studio. Topic: Guerilla Marketing for the Entrepreneur #
  • @fave: Are they crazy? A meeting on a Friday afternoon?! Just say no! #
  • @clgoodman: Ack! Doesn’t that make you want to shout, “Vector Files, People!” #
  • Brown Bag Topic: Guerrilla Marketing for the Entrepreneur has kicked off with @jackieadame <–Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach. #
  • Somehow our Guerrilla Marketing chat has transitioned to sex and business. How men and women pursue business. #
  • Does transparency work in regulated industries. Not as much as for those of us in the Creative Class #
  • @firecatsue: Thanks for hosting another successful First Friday Co-Working session. I always look forward to the monthly fun. 🙂 #
  • Are you meeting us tomorrow at the Social Media Club Mixer in San Marcos? SMC Austin & SMC San Antonio #
  • @BryanPerson: Nursing Boards are definitely priority. You can attend vicariously. We’ll take some pics & share some tweets. See you Tuesday! #
  • @RonaldYau: Me, too. A siesta is calling me, but no time. On my way to pick up t-shirts for AIR San Antonio. Badges done yesterday. Yippee! #
  • @mdeleon: Wow, we might get the idea you don’t like us much ;-P #
  • Friday Night Lights. San Antonio FEAST Patriots first game on the home field. It’ll be nice to see the boys play on our field. #

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What I’m talking about 2008-10-02

  • Sitting down with @jackieadame enjoying an iced Kona Blend with cream. Nice way to end the day after a great Tweetup. #
  • @kr8tr: Wow! Strange that we were talking about that exact thing at the Tweetup. Glad you escaped unscathed. #
  • I’ve been up since 3:30am. I stayed in bed hoping to fall back asleep. Fail. So, I figured I’d listen to some podcasts and start work early. #
  • @cspenn: Well at least there’s no crying in WOW. #
  • Spent last night and this morning catching up on some podcasts. I’ve missed you guys. 🙂 #
  • Working since 3:30am. Think it’s time for a break. House and possible siesta before beginning the evening session. Tweet ya later. #
  • @marc1919: These are the moments where you wish Scotty could beam you up, eh? #
  • I think I’ll go for a walk once dinner settles a bit. I know Ladybird will be thrilled to get out of the house. #

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What I’m talking about 2008-10-01

  • I think my dog had Roid Rage. 2 weekds ago Vet gave her steroids to combat allergies. She became sleepy, grouchy and kinda mean. #
  • A couple of days ago she woke up peppy, happy and like her old self. Don’t think we’ll have vet give her steroids again. I like my pup back. #
  • @darylcognito: I guess pups can react differently to steroids. Mine if better off without. Glad Kuma has been on the upside of the steroids. #
  • @AllAxisAjay: In that case it looks like Kuma is in luck and Ladybird…not so much. #
  • @darylcognito: The boys had let the backyard get a overgrown. Turns out Ladybird was allergic to the stuff in the backyard. Weird, huh? #
  • It’s October 1st, do you know what happens starting November 1st? Yep, November 1st kicks of NaPodPoMo. Will you join the crazy fun? #
  • Just reopened the group for brave folks who can podcast every day for the entire month of November. #
  • @bpende: It was definitely a challenge last year. I posted mostly after 11pm. I think we’ve got it in us for another year of NaPodPoMo fun. #
  • @tellingontrixie: Congrats on reaching your funding goal. It’s great to have folks show their appreciation by helping you continue. #
  • great info coming out of SocialMedia Chapter Leadership call. #
  • In the interest of being green, who wants to carpool to tonight’s Tweetup? I’m in North Central SA. Bueller? Bueller? #
  • @Medros: Ack! NaPodPoMo alumni will be missed. I’m going to try my hand at a live show. Means no hosting or post edit issues. #
  • @brendabbailey: Tweetup tonight from 5-7pm at Waxy O’Connors on the Riverwalk. Across the river from La Masion. #
  • @lrh: Ah, REAL Mexican Food! Not the typical Tex-Mex you find on every corner, I take it? Enjoy! #
  • @Nicole03: Hey Nicole, no worries. A Tweetup is a Twitter Meetup. Local Twitter folks get together for the Face-to-Face side of Twitter. #
  • @Armano: When all else fails, Theraflu is your friend. #
  • 2009 San Antonio events: GreenCamp April 18th, Podcamp May 16th, Startup Weekend May 29-31, Barcamp Sept. 5. Still interested in a MobiCamp #
  • I trying to decide between BlogTalkRadio and Utterz for NaPodPoMo #
  • @shawno: Yikes! Okay, I’m open to the discussion of why using something like Utterz or BTR is not podcasting. Let me hear it. #
  • @Armano: I’ve got your back. Homemade Chicken Soup is what’s for lunch in the Navarrete household. #
  • @shawno: I don’t disagree that originally podcasts were recorded, edited and the uploaded. However, I don’t want to discount newer tools. #
  • @shawno: Plus with time at a premium these days, I know that allowing non-traditional and sometimes creative methods works well. #
  • @shawno: I’ve been wanting to tackle the “live” show for a couple of years now. I guess this looks like the perfect opportunity to do both. #
  • @shawno: Nah! I do understand. I’ve been a traditional podcaster for a long time. Time is getting harder to come by. So I’ve got to change. #
  • @shaine: Yep, I’ll be going live for NaPodPoMo starting November 1st. So now my question is scheduled BTR or impromptu Utterz? #
  • What?! I just tried to call Senator John Cornyn only to find a recorded message that says their lines are busy. “Hang up and call later”. #
  • @mastermaq:I find two camps of Canadians. Those who are as passionate about what’s happening in the US as we are & those who could care less #
  • @SheilaS: Mild-melding opportunities with @conniereece are phenomenal. #
  • I’m at the Riverwalk a bit early to avoid the crazy5pm traffic. Anyone else here yet for the Tweetup at Waxy O’Connors? #
  • Sitting on the Riverwalk enjoying the great weather, a cold beverage and Tweetup fun. #
  • Stella! Stella! #

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What I’m talking about 2008-09-30

  • @SheilaS: Heehee! I can totally relate. I gave up cooking for a while due to meal criticism. Now when I cook they compliment. #
  • @chanajoy: Congrats on the new house! So exciting to have new beginnings. 🙂 #
  • @ricksanchezcnn video. Retweet: from @ariedana If you watch @ricksanchezcnn, watch this. LMAO. #
  • Okay folk, I’m throwing in the towel for the night. Have projects I want to complete, but eyes keep closing & head keeps bobbing. G’Nite. #
  • @mosqueda: So glad you arrived in rested condition. 😀 Now it’s time for me to get some of that good old fashioned kind of rest. #
  • Co-Working La Taza, anyone? @pandaran and I will joining @doingmedia for a day of coffee, work and fun. #
  • @parnellk63: My stepdad works at only 1 of 2 fuel catalyst companies in the nation and it was closed for about a week following IKE. #
  • @parnellk63: they did not sustain much damage however the company that processes their waste water did. So no work. #
  • @fave: I’ve got plenty of laptop graffiti on my PowerBook. I like it. #
  • @Merlene: I’m familiar with it. I have many tabs open because I hope it will prompt me to take action on several items. #
  • I have been trying to get out the door all morning. Still working from home. Co-Working is calling me. I’m coming! #
  • @lrh: Larry, swing by LaTaza for some Co-Working fun while you’re in town. 🙂 #
  • Oooo! Tweetup at Waxy O’Connor’s on the Riverwalk tomorrow at 5pm. We held our post Podcamp San Antonio mixer there in 2007. Good times. 😀 #
  • Hat tip to @kamichat for the heads up on tomorrows Tweetup. #
  • @Pistachio:The whole what’s a Camp what’s not a Camp debate rages on. Camps are free If you charge for it. It’s not a Camp it’s a Conference #
  • @pistachio: On the other hand I do believe that you can have an UnConference model in a pay for Conference/Seminar/Workshop… #
  • @pistachio: Now the question is: What does a first timer think of when they hear all the buzz about Camps and goes to a paid Camp? Same old #
  • @pistachio: …thing with a different name. They are missing out on the true essence of what a Camp really is. The open sharing model #
  • @thecountrygal: I think it’s more than multi-tasking now. I think we’ve entered into the multi-brain. #
  • @fave: My day IS slipping away. Please elaborate on the “dayum thing”. #
  • @shaine: How’s the sales gig going? #
  • Guess getting out the door just wasn’t in cards for me today. Turns out we held an impromptu Jelly at my house. Now enjoying Iced Coffee #
  • @lrh: That’s okay. I never did get out the door. All my good intentions stymied by the getting things done and stuff. Next time. #
  • @lalorek:Google invite? You have all the fun! Well, except for the time you did the “green burial” story. That didn’t look like much fun ;-P #
  • So glad San Antonio is a small big city. Met @doingmedia & it took all of 3 minutes to get there. In Houston that would have been 30 minutes #

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What I’m talking about 2008-09-29

  • @adelemcalear: My sister @JackieAdame and I are with you. We don’t like clothes shopping at all. Now tech shopping, we love. #
  • @mosqueda:Dan, you enjoy that steak. You deserve it &so much more. We’re looking forward to your return from Iraq for a welcome home Tweetup #
  • Good morning world. It’s another beautiful day here in Corpus Christi. I’ll be sad to go, but glad for having spent the time 🙂 #
  • Catching up on some MyLabeleNet business now that I’m back in San Antonio. #
  • @shaine: How many do you think you could do in a day? The only busy days would be the 5 days before the end of the month and 5 days after. #
  • sitting under a. Shade tree with @pandaran at SAC. Being interviewed by SAC publication. #
  • @taxtweet: You are not alone. I also use DVR to ff through commercials so if I rewind to watch one it’s got to be entertaining. #
  • @ShannonRenee: Tweets are like that. Only catching one side can be funny and sometimes strange. #
  • @shaine: So is this a new biz idea? Would you sub-contract in order to maximize profit potential? #
  • @taxtweet: The cool thing about DVR is that you can just ff through bad show, too. But that still leaves us with nothing to watch ;-P #
  • Another awesome post by @cspenn about the bailout and state of the economy #

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