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Museum Reach San Antonio River Expansion Preview

smcsa-group-pic-river-previewSocial Media Club San Antonio was asked to participate in a sneak peek preview tour of the new Museum Reach Expansion phase of the River.

There was lots of picture taking, tweeting, facebooking, live streaming via Kyte and yes, even this audio post on Utterli. You can find all info using hash tag #sariver

A big thanks to Andi Narvaez of KGB Texas for helping to arrange this private tour in advance of the grand opening on Saturday, May 30th.

Group photo courtesy of FlickrClubSA…317537_com

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Sharing the Cowboy Breakfast experience

On Friday, January 30th I’ll be at the 31st Annual Cowboy Breakfast in San Antonio. Heralded as the beginning of the Livestock Show & Rodeo, the Cowboy Breakfast is a much loved early morning tradition. Beginning at 4:30am and ending by 9:00am.

The organizers of the Cowboy Breakfast hope to break the World Record for "Most Cups Of Coffee Served At A Single Event".

I know I’ll be doing my part to help make that happen.

Stay tuned in the wee hours of the morning as I share the food and the fun of the Cowboy Breakfast.

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NaPodPoMo Day 24: Things I’ve learned

Participating in NaPodPoMo this year has taught me a lot of things. I’ve created a whole new show Tech in Twenty with co-host, Luis Sandoval using a live show format. This has in turn spurred my sister and co-host of the Morning BrewCast and I to revive our long-running podcast in the same live show format.

How about you? What has NaPodPoMo done for you?

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