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The Theme for 2008

resolutionsEvery year we create New Years Resolutions “do better”. Eat less, exercise more, save money, do charitable works, give up smoking/drinking etc… It seems there is a common theme to all of these. They’re usually things we didn’t do well at the year before. And just as there are many resolutions for the New Year there are also many blog posts about the resolutions.

Two in particular struck a chord: First Chris Brogan had this to offer for “Goal Setting Tips”:

Hmmmm…..look at my strengths and not my weaknesses in my New Years Resolutions and Goal Setting? Makes sense. I’m a glass is half-full kind of gal anyway so this actually works well for me.

In keeping with that same vein of thought here is a post titled “The road to hell is paved with self-improvement” by Pamela Slim

Be thankful and appreciative for the place we are. See the lessons learned in each of them. The benefits.

It seems there is a wonderful theme in each of these posts. I, for one, like it.

What do you think?

The Blog365 Challenge

With NaPodPoMo & NaBloPoMo under my belt, I felt I was up to the challenge of Blog365.

Blog365 Sun Badge

Yep, you read right. By December 31, 2008 there should be 365 posts between here and some of the other blogs I contribute to (Morning BrewCast & San Antonio Podcasters ). You might be asking yourself, “Wait a minute isn’t there 366 days in 2008?” You would be right to ask. It so happens that even we Blog365ers (as I’ve taken to calling us) are taking a day off. With 2008 being a leap year and such we’re calling Feb 29th a holiday. Afterall Blog366 just doesn’t have the same ring to it as Blog365 now does it?

By the time we have completed one lap around the sun over 642 folks (as of a bit past midnight on Jan. 1st ) will have posted 234,330 blog posts. Staggering, huh? That doesn’t take into account others who will inevitably discover Blog365 throughout the year. Of course, we don’t know what the future holds for the brave 642 so I wish us all the best in this exciting and some would say insurmountable challenge.