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  • NaPodPoMo Day 6 – Change

    The change in the weather and the change in the time has me reflecting on change in general. play mp3 feed

  • NaPodPoMo Day 5 – Oh those Eureka! moments

    Every once in a while something happens that brings everything into focus. Play mp3 feed Thanks for subscribing

  • NaPodPoMo Day 4 – Mistakes

    Today’s show topic: Mistakes and how we deal with them. As you can see from my *Update* note on the Day 3 post. I made a mistake when I posted my audio. It got me to thinking about how mistakes can cause us to react a couple of different ways. So how do you deal…

  • NaPodPoMo Day 3 – Community

    With Podcamp AZ happening today I talk about Community online and in real life *UPDATE* 11.04.07  I realized today that in my haste to post day 3 before heading out of town for my sons football game, I posted a repeat of the day 2 audio. I’ll get you were wondering why my post titled…

  • NaPodPoMo Day 2

    In day 2 of the NaPodPoMo Jennifer experiences the loss of her beloved iPod Nano. It’s time for a “Tear in my Beer” beer. mp3 feed

  • NaPodPoMo Post #1

    Here is the first of what will soon become 30 Podcasts in 30 Days To find out more visit: NaPodPoMo Play mp3 Feed

  • NBPM #1 – NaPodPoMo & NaBloPoMo

    You may be wondering, “Just what the heck are NaPodPoMo & NaBloPoMo?” A foreign language? Like say….Pig Latin? No. Nothing as fancy as that. NaPodPoMo stands for National Podcast Post Month and NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Post Month. Both of these are based off of the very popular NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month…