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  • NaPodPoMo 2008 Day 30: Congratulations!

    30 Podcasts in 30 Days?! You did it! Congratulations! Thanks for being part of the crazy fun that is the National Podcast Post Month. I’m already looking forward to next years marathon of podcasting. 🙂 Mobile post sent by jennifer using Utterli.  Replies.  mp3

  • NaPodPoMo Day 29: Reflections and Observations

    On this 29th day of NaPodPoMo, I look back at the marathon podcasting experience. It was less and more of what I had expected. There were things I missed out on and things I learned. Overall it was a growing experience, but it was also quite different than last year. Mobile post sent by jennifer…

  • NaPodPoMo Day 27: Things are easier

    Sometimes when we think about a task we imagine it is harder than it actually is. When in practice it is far easier than we thought. Mobile post sent by jennifer using Utterli.  Replies.  mp3

  • NaPodPoMo Day 24: Things I’ve learned

    Participating in NaPodPoMo this year has taught me a lot of things. I’ve created a whole new show Tech in Twenty with co-host, Luis Sandoval using a live show format. This has in turn spurred my sister and co-host of the Morning BrewCast and I to revive our long-running podcast in the same live show…

  • NaPodPoMo Day 21: Cool Things Happening

    On the 21st day of National Podcast Post Month, there are interesting things afoot. First of all I got a whole lotta sleep last night. It’s amazing how refreshing it feels to get 10 hours of sleep. Who knew? Next, I’ve had some family come into town unexpectedly. My Cousin Jaime is in town for…

  • Jennifer’s Random Musings

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  • NaPodPoMo 2008: Day 4 Becoming the Evangelist

    In the Evangelist to Muse Series, the first step to getting your project, idea or business off the ground is to become the Evangelist. Theme music is Dangerous Things by George Fletchers Bourbon Renewel

  • NaPodPoMo 2008 Begining of a New Series

    I begin a new series titled, “From Evangelist to Muse”

  • San Antonio AirFest 2008 Pictures and Video

    Yesterday I shared my airshow experience but neglected to post the pictures. Those of you who like watching planes will appreciate these. Those of you that don’t can skip forward to the next post. So here they are for your viewing pleasure: Video of F-22 Raptor take-off Video of Blue Angels fly-by

  • NaPodPoMo 2008 Day 2

    Today I went to the San Antonio AirFest and it reminded me that the moment I think I’ve seen it all, something new will pop up. I encourage you to give “the same old, same old” a renewed look. You just never know what will happen. Theme music is Dangerous Things by George Fletchers Bourbon…