Anyone who has known me from the early days of podcasting and social media will remember the whole host of user-generated conferences (camps) I spearheaded  back in the 2007-2010 time frame. From the very first PodCamp San Antonio to Barcamp to Startup Weekend to TweetCamp to MobiCamp and others. These events were how the early adopter new and social media community came together and how the overall community in San Antonio came into being. By late 2010 the community in San Antonio was robust and thriving. So I stopped hosting events.

Fast forward to 2019 and podcasting is hotter than ever. Something kept poking at me that is was time for another event. However, instead of a camp, it was time for a conference. A podcast conference to be exact. That’s right it’s time to go back to the beginning. I think it was Inigo Montoya who said that, but wasn’t he just quoting Vizzini?

So, let me introduce you to the Texas Podcast Conference aka TexasPodCon

logo for Texas Podcast Conference aka TexasPodCon

Official launch date is August 1, 2019. I’ve been bursting at the seems to share this with the world, so in honor of birthday which is in a couple of days, I’m sharing the news a bit early. More details to come once August 1st rolls around next week. Be sure to block your calendar for TexasPodCon on October 25th-26th.

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  1. Shhh … This is so cool. I’m putting it on the calendar. Who knows, I might be able to make it.

    1. I sure hope you can!

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