Social Media and the Blockchain

The goal of the Social Media and the Blockchain micro-podcast is to demystify the blockchain and encourage creators to consider it as an additional content destination.

While many content creators have found these short micro-podcast episodes helpful as a starting point for understanding Web3, always do your own due diligence and research before taking any action. Know that this series is not meant to be financial advice. These episodes are based on my own personal experiences and do not encompass all there is available on various blockchains.

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Episode 1:

Intro to Social Media and the Blockchain

Episode 2:

Explaining Web 3.0 Starts with a Meme

Episode 3:

Blockchain Content Creation and Engagement

Episode 4:

Curation on the Blockchain: Part One

Episode 5:

Curation on the Blockchain: Part Two

Episode 6:

Communities on the Blockchain

Episode 7:

Content Ownership Intro

Episode 8:

Content Ownership Storytime

Episode 9:

Content Ownership Diversification

Episode 10:

Demystify the Blockchain Recap

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