Green Experiment: Embracing Local Venues

This morning we wanted to go out for a walk, but we were also hungry. So, I asked, “Why don’t we walk to breakfast?” We paused for a moment to consider distance and temperature. It was early morning so it was still cool outside and the restaurant we wanted to eat at wasn’t far at all. Off we went on our morning adventure.

I knew I’d been more sedentary than usual because of various projects, but I didn’t realize how much so until I found myself out of breath while John and I were chatting. Granted we were walking up an incline, but still it made me realize just how little I’ve been active lately. Of course, John thought the solution to my being winded while chatting was for me to just not talk. Yeah, everyone’s a comedienne in my house.

We got to our destination, ordered our breakfast and coffee, sat outside and talked about how easy this was. Instead skipping our walk to stay home to eat breakfast or jumping in the car to pick up breakfast we opted to do both. We walked to our meal, enjoyed it and proceeded to stroll back. I say stroll because with a full belly it is best to stroll.

The idea of doing something like this on a more regular basis came to us over coffee. It would be a way to get some exercise, save on fuel and really get to know our local venues. We have access to many restaurants and businesses all within walking distance of our neighborhood. Even my favorite coffee roasters are easily accessible. It really got us thinking about making an effort to conduct this Green Experiment. One thing is for sure, I’m glad I live in a somewhat hilly part of town which does offer more of a variable workout just by walking. I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. Shawno Avatar

    I walk to nearby places all the time. Of course, I can’t drive, so that’s why. Still, it’s nice to get out and stretch the legs.

  2. Larry Hendrick Avatar

    That’s one of the benefits of living in town. I’ve also been meaning to ask about the location of that coffee shop to buy beans. You’ll have to let me know.

  3. jennifer Avatar


    Walking is a great way to get the blood flowing especially after sitting at a computer all day long. I’ve walked 2x since then and I’m hoping this will be the beginning stages for the SA Rock-n-Roll Half-Marathon training. I’ve got a little under 4 months to get in shape for the 13.1 mile run. I’m really cutting it close this time by waiting so late to train. Wish me luck!


    San Antonio Coffee Roasters (formerly known as What’s Brewing)can be found at:
    138 W. Rhapsody
    San Antonio, Texas 78216
    Phone: (210) 308-8882

    Here is a link to their website:

    I’ve had the pleasure of touring their facilities several times. For a coffee-lover watching the roasting process is an amazing experience. I highly recommend dropping and picking up some of their specialty beans. My favorites are A Very Special Blend as a tasty daily brew and the Kona Fancy as a special treat.

  4. Joe Barfield Avatar

    I walk to my car. And back again. EVERY DAY!

    Joe Barfield’s last blog post..NaPodPoMo 2008 Day 30: Congratulations!

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