NaPodPoMo 2008 Day 2

Today I went to the San Antonio AirFest and it reminded me that the moment I think I’ve seen it all, something new will pop up. I encourage you to give “the same old, same old” a renewed look. You just never know what will happen.

Theme music is Dangerous Things by George Fletchers Bourbon Renewel


4 responses to “NaPodPoMo 2008 Day 2”

  1. Smooth Skot Avatar
    Smooth Skot

    The F-22 will replace the F-15. Just like the F-18 replaced the F-14, no more Top Gun 80’s ships.

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  2. Michael Avatar

    That F22 Raptor looks pretty sweet. Wish I was in SA to catch that and take some pics. I went to an Airshow there about 8 years ago and loved it.

  3. Shawno Avatar

    Come on. You saw an A-10, an F-22 AND the Blue Angels? Nice.

    The last air show I went to was San Luis Airport Day back in 2005. I can assure you there wasn’t anything as cool there as what you saw.

    Shawno’s last blog post..NaPodPoMo 2008 Day 2

  4. jennifer Avatar

    I have to admit, I’m a sucker for the unique planes. For me, it’s not all about the speed, but more about what they do.

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