NaPodPoMo 9 Fridays

Thank God it’s Friday! Right?

Do Friday’s hold the same thrill for folks who work for themselves as they do for folks who work for “The Man”?

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2 responses to “NaPodPoMo 9 Fridays”

  1. Shawno Avatar

    I work an odd schedule. So I guess “Friday” for me (and also for Jen) is actually Wednesday. And I don’t know. I still look forward to “weekends,” but because of the fact that I don’t work a typical “9-5 schedule,” I don’t feel it the same way as I imagine many people do.

    I’m also fortunate enough to be able to telecommute, so that probably contributes, as well.

  2. jennifer Avatar

    Wednesday = Friday.

    I LIKE IT!

    Making Friday whenever you want it to be. Modern thinking for the modern day world. Thanks!

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