NaPodPoMo Day 2

In day 2 of the NaPodPoMo Jennifer experiences the loss of her beloved iPod Nano. It’s time for a “Tear in my Beer” beer.







3 responses to “NaPodPoMo Day 2”

  1. Laura Ross Avatar

    I feel ya. I ran over my beloved Palm Pilot. I also have a bunch of dead pixels in the middle of my 5th gen iPod because I slammed the car door on it or something.

  2. Shawno Avatar

    Sorry to hear about your Nano. But hey, now you’ve got a great excuse to go out and get something new!

  3. HRBabe Avatar

    I think I told you this already but, usually when I want something newer or better, I am pretty sure I subconsiously break the thing that is going to be replaced. Case in point: Before I got my nano, I was working out at the gym everyday with an old ass chunky portable CD player. I hated it. Everyone had the cool iPods and here I was, all old skool. So, not really thinking anything of it, just complaining in my head, I kept bringing it to the gym. Well, my choice of storage was my gym bag — in my car — in the Texas heat! One day at the very beginning of my workout it just gave out. So I was *forced* to buy a nano after that. hehe! 🙂

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