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Gordan Hartman interview at Morgan’s Wonderland Park

Jennifer interviews Gordan Hartman after the tour of Morgan’s Wonderland Park. Social Media Club San Antonio was invited for a sneak peek tour of the under construction facility. This one

NaPodPoMo 11: Insight

One of the great things about doing something like Nation Podcast Post Month is that it is a self-discovery process. By nature  I’m more of a night owl however I

NaPodPoMo 10: Review of Interviews

We are on day 10 of National Podcast Post Month and I thought I would take the time to share my thoughts on the experience. When I came up with

NaPodPoMo 09: Interview with Larry Hendrick

Larry is joining us for his first National Podcast Post Month, however he’s no stranger to podcasting. He was part of the original pioneering podcasters who helped pave the way

NaPodPoMo 08: Interview with Luis Sandoval, Jr.

On day 8 of National Podcast Post Month, I interview Luis Sandoval, Jr. who now has 1 year of podcasting under his belt. He jumped into the podcasting realm with

NaPodPoMo 07: Interview with Dr. Normal

On day 7 of National Podcast Post Month, I spend time with Dr. Normal of the Strange Love Live podcast. We discuss the dynamics of live streaming a show, starter

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