“Let me explain….No….Let me sum up…”

Those of us familiar with The Princess Bride will remember these words uttered by Inigo Montoya. So much had happened and there was just not enough time to share the details. So began the “summing up”. In my case there is no Prince Humperdinck scheming and plotting to ruin things. If anything, I’ve got “Miracle Max” in my corner giving me a magical and tasty chocolate-covered nut to bring me through.

SUM-UP #1: The last we chatted, I was embarking on the 30 Day Challenge. I’ll sum up my challenge by stating that by day 16 the real world had stepped up some challenges and that was the end of that. It so happens that was right about the time that Web 2.0 put a little hiccup in the project. I won’t elaborate further except to reiterate an earlier message board post, ” Spam is spam no matter what platform you are using.” That’s not to say folks weren’t successful. On the contrary there were a few folks who did quite well.

To me the amazing thing was that the folks who were the most successful at it used the 30DC & the Web 2.0 tools they learned about to enhance their existing businesses. The reason I think it was amazing to me was due to the fact that I have an existing business and have been using Web 2.0 tools for some time. Yet, I had never put the two things together. It was a bit of a V-8 moment for me.

SUM-UP #2: This Texas Gal has been busy with all the New Media/Social Media/Tech opportunities. From Co-Working to BarCamps to Blogtoberfest to a Halo3 Pre-Launch at Microsoft. I’m here to tell you there is a growing interest in what we’ve been doing for the last 2 years. I only wish I could participate in all the new and exciting events that are happening in Dallas, Houston, Austin. I get to as many events as I can and love it! I’ll admit I’ve drunk the kool-aid and being able to hang out with others in the New/Social Media arena is just grand! The folks I’ve met continue to amaze and motivate me. I’m looking forward to meeting the folks I haven’t met yet. If that’s you, then send me a line or better yet find me on Twitter.

SUM-UP #3: During this time of the year our family & business rotates around football. Our oldest son plays in a 6-Man Football team, the San Antonio FEAST Patriots and has since it’s inception 3 years ago. With practice 4-5 days a week plus weekly games, half of which are anywhere from a 1-3 hour drive. Well you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that equals up to a lot of time. It seems like the season is so very long but when it’s over we are always sad to see it end. We really are blessed to have the opportunity to fellowship with the other FEAST families thru football. I call it “Football & Felllowship” We see our families grow and change with each season. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

SUM-UP#4: The Morning BrewCast has been through a slow period while Jackie and I were otherwise engaged. We tried our best to produce at least one show each month during this time. You all were patient and supportive. We think we have some of the best listeners in the Pod-O-Sphere. We’re back in the swing and are back to producing shows on a more frequent basis. If you’ve got a topic you’ve been dying to hear, then send us a comment at the Morning BrewCast. We’d love to hear from you!

This concludes the “Summing Up”. Feel free to drop me a line jennifer AT jennifernavarrete.com Yeah, I know it’s long, but hey it’s my name and that’s that. Or you can send me a voice mail by using the CALL ME button on the left side of the site. Until next time…… remember, “I have spent the last few years building an immunity to iocane powder and am not someone to be trifled with.”






2 responses to ““Let me explain….No….Let me sum up…””

  1. Michael Avatar

    Ok, I have a tendency to be long-winded in comments so just a warning that my response to your sum-ups will probably be longer than your sum-ups.

    I’m with you about 30DC. While 30DC seemed like a great project and something that I would learn a lot from, it started becoming harder and harder to complete daily 30DC “assignments” while still keeping other things together. I went through a real busy stretch at work right around day 10 and then tried to stay with it for two more days before I told myself I would have to complete it when I have more time. The great thing is that you and I both already used a lot of the web 2.0 services 30DC used and although I use them to promote my website and podcast instead of a business, I feel like I just need to learn how to adapt it to a business.

    This new media stuff is a lot of fun, and like you have said before, I’ve gotten more from the relationships and networking I’ve been able to build at these events than anything I’ve learned in any session. And going to them and meeting people has changed me a bit too, and I owe most of this to you, but it’s actually opened me up a lot more. I’ve always been an introvert and am never one to start up a conversation with someone out of the blue, but I noticed at Blogtoberfest that with almost everyone I talked to, I was the one that initiated the conversation.

    Glad to hear you and Jackie are recording/producing more Morning BrewCast shows. Its always a bit of a bonus when I open up iTunes at work and I see a new episode downloading.

  2. jennifer Avatar


    Nice to know I wasn’t the only one who ran into challenges during the 30DC.

    I find it interesting to discover that folks who are chatty on their show would describe themselves as introverts. Since, I’m chatty all the time I figure everyone else who puts out a podcast is too. It sounds like attending events is brining your chatty side out into the real world. I like it!

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