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jennifer on March 11, 2009

I believe there is a business card identity problem. In the modern day most folks do more than one thing. In years past you had a business card from the company you worked for and that was all you needed. Fast forward to today and folks may work for a company, have their own business […]

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jennifer on March 8, 2009

As Social Media joins the mainstream there is a disturbing new trend emerging. Someone who three months ago never even heard of Social Media is now calling themselves an expert. Recently I saw a website offering “Social Media Certification”. This was from someone many in the community had never heard of before. We rolled our […]

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jennifer on February 28, 2009

As San Antonio continues to develop it’s Social Media Community, it’s been interesting to see how things continue to evolve. Back in 2005 when I was first interested in podcasting and created the San Antonio Podcasting Group, it was difficult to find the podcasting community. Over the last few years, it’s been a pleasure to […]

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jennifer on November 5, 2008

In the Evangelist to Muse Series, the first step to getting your project, idea or business off the ground is to become the Evangelist. Theme music is Dangerous Things by George Fletchers Bourbon Renewel Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

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jennifer on July 22, 2008

As someone who is active in the social media arena, I have found participating in the social networks  to be beneficial to both my personal life and my business. So much so that I have been espousing the benefits to several groups in San Antonio. Sharing the benefits of participating on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook […]

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jennifer on July 14, 2008

Social Networking is all the rage right now. There are those who have been a part of it in some form or fashion since it’s inception. There are others who are just hearing about it today. I became involved in Social Networking through podcasting in 2005. For me, it was about finding people who were […]

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jennifer on June 24, 2008

If you look to the right of my blog you’ll see a section titled, “The things I’m doing, The places I’ll be”. Underneath is a list of events with dates. Some I’m organizing like Barcamp San Antonio and others like “Five Web 2.0 Tools” I’m simply an attendee. Either way these are events I believe […]

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jennifer on June 15, 2008

I struggled a bit with the title of this post. I started to put “Online Radio Shows”, but then thought better of it. I mean, if it’s not actually on the radio is it still a radio show? So then I started to put “Podcast Interview”, but it’s more than that, too. Since it is […]

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jennifer on May 2, 2008

In case you were wondering where I’ve been, the title should explain all. PodCamp San Antonio: Numero Dos (that’s 2.0 for the non-Spanish speakers) is happening on Saturday, May 3rd at the El Tropicano Hotel from 9am-5pm. We had a great time organizing it and had the opportunity to create a wacky but fun 4-part […]

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jennifer on February 5, 2008

At the recent Co-Working event held at Firecat Studios the discussion came around to what employers are looking for now in new hires. As a self-employed gal who gladly left Corporate America years ago, normally this type of talk has me going through my grocery list while tuning out. However this time was different. What […]

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