What I’m talking about 2008-09-22

  • WE DID IT!!! The 58 Song Marathon is complete. It took a group of 10 folks over the course of the evening to do it but the challenge is done #
  • Thanks to @jackieadame, @pandaran, @bamboogirl, Juliana, John, Jonathan, Jordan and especially @HRBabe & @SACynic for seeing it to the end. #
  • Good morning! It’s a bright and sunny day here in San Antonio. Looking forward to tackling a few projects. Hope your day is productive, too. #
  • I <3 the Twitter Community. I ran into a dilemma & was able to gain clarity via DM & follow-up calls from my Twitterbuds. Ya’ll Rock! #
  • Question: Does anyone know of a Social Network for Fine Artists? Does one even exist? #
  • @doctorlinguist: Thanks! I knew I could count on my Twitterbuds for direction. #
  • @lalorek: I know. I’ve been watching what @cspenn has been tweeting and blogging about for a while in relation to all of this mess. #
  • @jasoncronkhite: Tweetup at Coco’s Chocolate Bistro on Friday at 3pm? Love the name. Sounds too good to be true. Is it real? #
  • @andycaster: Oh you! I had someone ask me if there was such a thing as a SocNet for fine artists. I figured there had to be, but wasn’t sure #
  • @chrisbrogan: Nah, maybe Google thinks you need some mental help during your West Coast trip. Retune the old thinker. ;-P #
  • @kenpartain: Hey Ken, good idea. I use Ning.com for all sorts of groups and hadn’t considered searching for a fine arts group. Thanks! #

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