What I’m talking about 2008-09-29

  • @adelemcalear: My sister @JackieAdame and I are with you. We don’t like clothes shopping at all. Now tech shopping, we love. #
  • @mosqueda:Dan, you enjoy that steak. You deserve it &so much more. We’re looking forward to your return from Iraq for a welcome home Tweetup #
  • Good morning world. It’s another beautiful day here in Corpus Christi. I’ll be sad to go, but glad for having spent the time 🙂 #
  • Catching up on some MyLabeleNet business now that I’m back in San Antonio. #
  • @shaine: How many do you think you could do in a day? The only busy days would be the 5 days before the end of the month and 5 days after. #
  • sitting under a. Shade tree with @pandaran at SAC. Being interviewed by SAC publication. #
  • @taxtweet: You are not alone. I also use DVR to ff through commercials so if I rewind to watch one it’s got to be entertaining. #
  • @ShannonRenee: Tweets are like that. Only catching one side can be funny and sometimes strange. #
  • @shaine: So is this a new biz idea? Would you sub-contract in order to maximize profit potential? #
  • @taxtweet: The cool thing about DVR is that you can just ff through bad show, too. But that still leaves us with nothing to watch ;-P #
  • Another awesome post by @cspenn about the bailout and state of the economy http://tinyurl.com/4ecvue #

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