What I’m talking about 2008-10-06

  • Finally got a chance to watch IronMan without interruptions. Pretty good. I’m looking forward part 2. #
  • Uploading pics from last nights Social media Club Mixer. We really had a great time. Thanks Chris & Kristie! #
  • @Enlighten_Up: Great post on the SMC Mixer last night. BTW, since John and I are married we spell our last name the same (2 R’s & 1 T) 😉 #
  • Just finished uploading the latest Morning BrewCast. The Coffee Gals are back with show #53. http://morningbrewcast.com/blog #
  • Now I bid you kind Twitterfolks a good and blessed night. Sweet Dreams! I’ll see you in a few hours. #
  • @mdeleon & @shaine: Heehee! Thanks for the MBC love guys. 🙂 #
  • North Carolina 281, completely blocked off, South bound of 281. Block off at Hildebrand, helicopters flying ove… http://tinyurl.com/4v5dw4 #
  • @cliffordsound: Congrats on finishing the MS150 bike ride this past weekend. That’s quite and accomplishment. #
  • Interesting how the effects of the economy trickle down to average person. Not just in the cost of goods, but the availability of services #
  • @stacyharp: I don’t know if it’s better, but I use Google Reader. I believe @sheilas is a fan of FeedDemon. #
  • @shaine: Ha! What a hoot. I’ll bet that was not the original intended purpose for Britekite, but what a great way to be able to track gigs. #
  • @shaine: You always do cool stuff for me. I do recommend folks take the time to recommend folks on LinkedIn. #
  • We’re hearing that folks are interested in the Coffee Whiff Machine from Morning BrewCast #53 http://morningbrewcast.com/blog #

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