Barcamp Austin III

During the early part of March, the masses come down to Austin for SXSW. But it’s not the only ticket in town. Not by a long stretch. There are lots of other great things to do in Austin at the same time. For me that means BarCamp Austin III.

Will Hurley, or @whurley as he is more commonly known, has been the evil genius behind this fast growing annual event. With the help of Giovanni Gallucci (@giovanni) and a whole host of great volunteers, the previous barcamps have been a good combination of sharing and fun. Truth be told, I modeled PodCamp San Antonio after last years open, loose and laid back BarCamp Austin II. Well, minus the bar part.

I knew things were going to be different at this years barcamp when I first saw their smoking logo. It was confirmed when we walked into the GSD&M|Idea City building which was host to the event. From the high tech sign-in to improv to the iPhone Dev Camp it was the best BarCamp ever. Ladies and Gentlemen the bar has been set and it’s been set high. The swag wasn’t too shabby either.  I do have to give kudos for having shirts styles especially for the ladies. It was a very nice and often overlooked bonus.

Different from last year were sessions held in separate rooms vs. having all the sessions in one main area with room for breakouts.  This was good in that it allowed for more sessions to happen. The drawback for me was missing out on sessions I wanted to attend because they were all happening at the same time.  My favorite presentation was the Half-Baked session in which we created a company to pitch to VC in 15 minutes.  It was invigorating. You know how I much I love my coffee. So, when I tell you that session did more to wake me up than the coffee I drank earlier, I want you to know just how energizing the experience was.

Now with all these folks in and out of sessions there is a tendency to get hungry and thirsty. Well those needs were met thanks to great sponsors like Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, Independence Brewery and Sweet Leaf iced tea. I know I certainly enjoyed the grub and tasty brew.

The big surprise was the BattleBot presentation of Steel Reign or as it’s now being referred as, “When Robots Attack”.  I’m still scratching my head wondering just what the AC unit said to Steel Reign to tick it off so much. Well, Steel Reign showed it who was boss.

The barcamp fun continued on with the evening portion of the festivities. A concert by   Soulhat was followed by karaoke fun with Karaoke Apocalypse. What’s more American than hot dogs, beer and a concert?

If BarCamp Austin was a youngster and BarCamp Austin II was a rowdy teenager, then I would have to say that BarCamp Austin III was a akin to debutante ball. Yes, BarCamp Austin is all grown up and with style to spare!



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7 responses to “Barcamp Austin III”

  1. Smoooth Skot Avatar
    Smoooth Skot

    Damn, Steel Reign ran that robot into those nerds and destroyed private property. Sweet!

  2. makiten Avatar

    It’s good to see BarCamp’s growing bigger and more mature.

    Has anyone ever considered a BarCamp in my hometown yet? I think a BarCamp would be good for San Antonio, and good for those entrepreneurial types.

  3. makiten Avatar

    Never mind. Dug around and found the date.

  4. Imelda Avatar

    Great summary post of BarCampAustinIII.

    You’re missing the video link to the SXSW Unicorn Performance 🙂

  5. jennifer Avatar

    Smoooth Skot,

    Here is another video of the robot fun:


    Yes, we are organizing a Barcamp here in San Antonio. It is scheduled for September 27, 2008. I’m glad you were able to find it on the wiki.

    The planning is in the preliminary stages. Feel free to jump in and lend a hand. We welcome any help in putting it together as well as promoting it to our fellow San Antonio tech folks.

  6. Mandi Leman Avatar


    MediaRich was going to sponsor and get started organizing a BarCamp this June 6th and 7th. We have a great location to host it – 918 South Alamo. It’s a 2 story building with nice sized rooms.

    I googled “BarCamp San Antonio” and found you too were planning a SA BarCamp. Please contact us so we can work together!

    Our space is very lively on First Friday’s as it’s on the main street where all of the action is. I was thinking maybe having the event on a First Friday or possibly having a meet n’ greet the Friday before and then the event could be the next day on Saturday. We could have a few sessions going at the same time – one downstairs and one upstairs or we could have just one at a time…

    Please contact me! We’re excited about starting BarCamps in San Antonio! 🙂

  7. Matt Buck Avatar

    Hey there, I’m the developer of the “high-tech sign-in” they used at BarCamp Austin III. Let me know if y’all would like to use it at your SA shindig. It is, of course, Open Source. 🙂

    Thanks for the kind words!

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