And the meme goes on: 5 Things You May Not Know

Thanks to fellow San Antonian and self-described Code Monkey, Vidya (@mapetite on Twitter), I’ve been tagged and charged with the task of sharing 5 things about myself you may not know…yet. Which is sort of a challenge for me at this point. I mean what don’t you know about me yet that I care to reveal?

Here goes:

1. Although I am a huge Lenny Kravitz fan, I consider the Beatles my all-time favorite band.The Beatles

2. A few of my all-time favorite classic films: Bringing Up Baby, It Happened One Night, Gone With The Wind, Splendor in the Grass Bringing Up Baby

3. My salsa is a friend and family favorite. My secret recipe is called Aunt Jenny’s Salsa.

4. Although I’m not very good at pool, I do have my own pool stick.

5. I enjoy the occasional romantic comedy in either paperback or film.

One more thing before I can cross this off my list is to name the folks I’ll tag: Todd O’Neill of Doing Media, Susan Price of Firecat Studio, Nathan Lott of Lott’s Thoughts, Leslie Baldwin of Springanew and Christina of This Girls Life. And with that, I can now cross this meme off my list of To-Do items.






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  1. Leslie - Springanew Avatar

    Hey Jennifer – my google search on netvibes picked this up already. :o) How cool. Have a great day! Leslie

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