We all have them. From as early as a toddler there were disagreements. It could have been when another toddler took a favorite toy away. You most certainly disagreed. Each of you felt differently about just whose toy that was and so an exchange of words happened. Granted it may not have been very articulate, probably more finger pointing and screaming than anything else. It was strictly an emotion based response but none the less it was a disagreement.

Fast forward to today. No longer a child prone to temper tantrums but an adult who has all of their life experience and rational to formulate a fair exchange. Disagreements are probably based around reasoning, facts, past history, current knowledge and not strictly emotion based. Of course there is always an element of emotion to a disagreement or else it would be called something else.

What happens when the temper tantrum prone child breaks out in the reasonable adult during a disagreement? It’s never pretty and always regrettable. Olive branches are extended, apologies are made and then forgiveness. While the moment can never be erased and relationships continue, there is a sadness to the whole exchange. It leaves a flat spot in an otherwise beautiful landscape.






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