Social Media Breakfast San Antonio

With the successful launch of Social Media Club San Antonio in September 2008 and the continued growth in UnConference style events it appears it’s time for another San Antonio first.

On Wednesday, January 21st Social Media Breakfast San Antonio will hold it’s first meeting. Founder of Social Media Breakfast and recent transplant from Boston to Austin, Bryan Person will be on hand to kick off the event.

I attended a Social Media Breakfast in Austin last year and knew it would be a great fit for the Alamo City. We had just launched SMCSA so the timing wasn’t right. However, when I heard that Jennifer Milikien was also interested in bringing the SMB concept to San Antonio, I knew it was the right time.

Join us on Wednesday, January 21st at the Magnolia Pancake Haus from 7:30am to 9:00am. to help us kick off the fun in style. Seating is limited to 20. So, be sure to register for your seat and breakfast from the Magnolia Pancake Haus.


2 responses to “Social Media Breakfast San Antonio”

  1. Bryan Person Avatar


    So thrilled that San Antonio is launching a Social Media Breakfast series, and tickled pink that you’ve asked me to be the first speaker. I can’t wait!

    Bryan Person | @BryanPerson
    Social Media Breakfast founder

  2. Aurelio M. Montemayor Avatar
    Aurelio M. Montemayor

    I had really been looking forward to participating in the Social Media Breakfast on Wednesday, especially since Bryan Person has been a mentor to me and to my organization in our understanding and using social media to carry out our work. But, I will not be able to attend.

    We are currently adapting our operating and work procedures to Getting Things Done and using a software program and tools “MindMapping” and our consultant just sent me an email setting up a GoToMeeting session with me at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, which means I’ll have to be in the office by 8:00 to be ready. If I go to the breakfast, it’ll be to say hello and leave.

    So, my best wishes to all who will participate, and I expect to participate in the very next meeting of the group, if I’m in town and work doesn’t interefere, again.

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