Calling Cards as the New Business Cards

I believe there is a business card identity problem. In the modern day most folks do more than one thing. In years past you had a business card from the company you worked for and that was all you needed. Fast forward to today and folks may work for a company, have their own business on the side, be involved in groups and non-profits or even work with other freelancers in a consortium.

In the past few years I’ve become more and more involved in various unconference events, podcasting and social media groups all while running my B2B online printing business. I have business cards for my business, MyLabelNet, my podcast: Morning BrewCast, my social media groups: Social Media Club San Antonio and finally my social media consulting business: Brewing Media

Other than the fact I had to print all these different cards, there was also the need to have some of each one when attending networking functions. I never knew who I was going to encounter and which business or group I would want them to remember. There were many times I was speaking to someone about social media but only had printing cards on me. I had to then take the time to explain that this was my printing business and that the main thing was that my contact info was the same as for my social media business. Would the person remember that the printing business card was for the social media person? I doubt it. I was sending a conflicting message by giving out info that was different that what the person was interested.

So with SXSW coming up, I knew I needed to wrestle the whole business card identity issue to the ground. My solution?

No business cards

I’ve opted to go for a Calling Card. It has my contact information on the front. On the back I have three of the ten business/group/events I am involved in. I figured out that most of what I do could fit into those three categories. It certainly makes it easier to understand who I am.

I am an individual who is involved in all sorts of media. From traditional print media to digital media to social media. My hope is that my calling card will be the answer to the challenge of being someone who wears many hats.

Here are a few of the cards I have used in the past:


And now here is my new calling card:

I invite your comments, suggestions and critiques on my calling card.


5 responses to “Calling Cards as the New Business Cards”

  1. Barbara Hill Avatar

    I like this idea!! I too am involved in more than one business and one card just doesn’t cover it well. Your solution sounds like a winner to me and one I will copy.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. jennifer Avatar


    Glad this was helpful to you. It makes sense in the modern world of multiple streams of income to have an all-in-one solution. Feel free to post your new calling card once you have it created.


  3. Shaine Mata Avatar

    I’m totally copying this from you.

    Shaine Mata’s last blog post..Cleaning up

  4. Robert Brown Avatar

    Great Idea like you said it takes multiple streams of income to suport a business. If you don’t mind I plan to copy this Idea for Don’s and My business. Thanks

    1. jennifer Avatar

      Yes, feel free to model this for your business ventures. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

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