NaBloPoMo Day 14 – Knowledge Seeker

As a kid I was always a curious gal. I wanted to know why things were the way they were. I tore through books at breakneck speed soaking up they knowledge they contained. I wasn’t the brightest in the barrel, but I could definitely see daylight.
I was a pretty fast learner and enjoyed studying new things. I guess you could say I was a knowledge seeker. The library was my favorite place to visit. If I discovered something interesting, I would find out everything possible and either expand upon it or move on to another subject. To me learning was fun. Now testing? Oh that’s another story altogether.

Times haven’t changed that much since then. The big difference is that now I can immerse myself in a topic of my choice via the internet. However I haven’t given up on going to the library to complete my studies. On the contrary we consider ourselves regulars at a few of our local branches. We visit the library so much that sometimes I think our late fines could have paid for a new wing. Well…. at least a bookshelf or two.





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