NaBloPoMo Day 24 – Surprises

Today our family ventured out to do some Christmas shopping. A few of us went to the outdoor mall, La Cantera and few others went to Wal-Mart. Those of us who went to La Cantera did window shopping while the folks who went to Wal-Mart did not. Nope. They did the real thing. Came home with electronic goodies. However instead of wrapping these goodies to put under the Christmas tree (which we haven’t gotten yet), they opted to go with the “Christmas came early” approach.

I find it interesting that as our kids have gotten older that the element of surprise during the holidays seems to become less of a factor. They make us a list of a few items they would like. We ask for this list every year to give to family members. It helps to make shopping easier for us, too. Now even though we have this list we still manage to get items not on the list as a way to keep the surprise alive. Although it is getting to be more of a challenge each year. As your children grow older I’m interested to know what you do to keep the sense of surprise in Christmas strong.





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