NaBloPoMo Day 26 – Simple can be difficult

I had the most difficult time today recording the podcast for today’s NaPodPoMo titled: Simple is Good.

I usually record, edit and post at around 11pm right before I post my daily entry for NaBloPoMo. I’ve been crunched for time on a few shows, but because my shows are simple and single concept based it’s been easy enough.

Today I thought I would get a head start on todays show. I was at my microphone by 8:00pm. Woohoo! I’ll get this up and out early and enjoy the rest of the evening. Or so I thought. I recorded and re-recorded and edited and deleted and started over recording and re-recording and editing and deleting and……. UGH!

A few things come to mind. Am I just not in my comfort zone? Is 11pm my witching hour and 8pm not? By giving myself a limiting topic (NaPodPoMo Countdown) did I limit myself? Have I come to the end of my “On the Fly” way of podcasting? Is my head broken?

I don’t know. What I do know is that my head hurts, my shoulders are tense, I’m in serious need of a massage and I’m freaked out. What the heck?!

So while the show on simplicity….wasn’t. At least it’s out. Only 4 more to go.





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