NaBloPoMo Day 8 -Passion

Now don’t get too excited. This isn’t a blog post about things of the rated “R” nature. On the contrary it’s about the passion you have for the things that matter to you.

Do you enjoy cooking? Are you someone who could take 3 ingredients and make a gourmet meal? Or does the smell of wood in a lumber yard bring a smile to your face? Can you take some 2×4’s along with a few nails and turn them into something solid and beautiful? Or perhaps you have a green thumb that makes your neighbors green with envy.

We all have a passion. It may be called the Culinary Arts or Carpentry or Gardening. It’s what makes your soul sing. It’s your bliss. When you do that one thing it’s like the universe aligns and a Chorus of Angels sing. Well okay, maybe I’m getting carried away. But you understand where I’m coming from, right? If you could do that one blissful thing you would be…….well…… happy.

So what is it?

Do you know?

If so, are you doing it?

If not, why?

If you know your passion, when did you get to that point in your life where nothing was more important than following your bliss? Being passionate about something can make all the difference in how you do things and how you live your life.


For one day ONLY do things for which you have a passion. Block everything else out. Don’t worry. Those other things will be there waiting for you after your Day of Bliss.

What will you do?

Do you love reading? Spend the whole day in a good book or two or three.

Do you love knitting? Get your needles and yarn out. Go to town. Knit to your hearts content.

Have the fish been calling your name but your rod and reel are coated in a layer of dust? Put on that fishing hat and get your tackle box ready.

Will life try and interrupt you? Yep! As a matter of fact I can almost guarantee that strange and urgent things will come up to try and distract you.

Don’t let anything stop you!

What if you only get 1 hour of bliss or 1/2 a day of bliss? Congratulations! Regardless of how much time you actually spend in bliss you still win. Before your Bliss Experiment you were going to be do the same old stuff you do everyday. Not today. Today you spent time following your passion and that made all the difference.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes. I’m going to spend my day of bliss on Sunday. I’ll let you know how it goes.





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