NaBloPoMo Post #2

So there was this time at PodCamp…….

Yeah, it’s time for some PodCamp goodness in the fair state of Arizona. The good folks a couple of states over are having their 1st Podcamp and interestingly enough it’s called PodCampAZ

They’ve got a sweet logo

They’ve got T-Shirts:

They’ve got a schedule

They’ve got a location: The University of Advanced Technology

Now all they need is YOU!

If you are anywhere near PodCamp Arizona and are intrested in Podcasting, New Media, Social Media and want to get to know the Movers & Shakers in your neck of the woods be sure and attend this Inaugural event. I can guarantee you’ll not only learn cool stuff but you’ll meet cool people and most of all you’ll have FUN! You’ll kick yourself if you don’t go and be so glad you did.

It’s not too late to participate in the fun that is PodCamp.






2 responses to “NaBloPoMo Post #2”

  1. Will Brown Avatar

    Wow, that is a sweet logo.
    I haven’t been to a PodCamp yet.
    I’m helping out with the one in DC next year, though. Can’t wait!

  2. jennifer Avatar


    There is nothing like your 1st PodCamp. You’ll love it! Have fun with the planning and don’t get overly stressed about the detail. It will turn out the way it turns out and no matter how that is, it will be great.


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