• NaBloPoMo Day 17 Shopping

    I was at the grocery store today and was overwhelmed by all the Thanksgiving items prominently displayed throughout the store. Turkeys in carts made me realize that on Thursday it will be Thanksgiving. I’m having a hard time coming to grips with the time of year. Not sure if its because of the busy schedule…

  • NaPodPoMo #17 Apples iPhone and Delayed Gratification

    Watching my husband wait ever so patiently to pick up his iPhone was a real lesson for me. Play mp3 Feed Thanks for taking part by participating in and listening to the NaPodPoMo experience.

  • NaBloPoMo Day 16 – Rock-n-Roll Marathon San Antonio

    As you may or may not know I have participated in two Half-Marathons (13.1 miles). The first was the Inauguaral P.F. Chang’s Rock-n-Roll Marathon in Phoenix, AZ 2004 then it was off to the Greater Hartford Marathon in Hartford, CT 2006. Since the pattern so far has been to do one of these every two…

  • NaPodPoMo #16 – Decisions

    Watching my son make a decision between an XBox360 or a PS3 has me pondering decision making in general. Play mp3 Feed 

  • NaBloPoMo #15 – Tamale Pricing Brings Inflation Realization

    Today my sister received a rude awakening as to the true cost of inflation. Here in our region of the world, Texas, you can find a dozen tamales for around $5-6. That’s a pretty typical price range. My sister had pre-ordered 3 dozen tamales from an acquaintance last week. When she went to go pick…

  • NaPodPoMo #15 – Interaction

    Day 15! That makes today HumpDay! Woot! We’re officially at the half-way point of the NaPodPoMo Experience (hat tip to Jenn of Inside My Head. It’s been fun so far. I’m looking forward to getting over the hump and finishing our daily podcasts in short audio form (hat tip to Dani of TruthSeekers) with a…

  • NaBloPoMo Day 14 – Knowledge Seeker

    As a kid I was always a curious gal. I wanted to know why things were the way they were. I tore through books at breakneck speed soaking up they knowledge they contained. I wasn’t the brightest in the barrel, but I could definitely see daylight. I was a pretty fast learner and enjoyed studying…

  • NaPodPoMo #14 – DREAM ON

    A talk by Retired Brigadiere General Ezell Ware, Jr.  is the inspiration for today’s post. Play mp3 Feed Thanks for listening & subscribing

  • NaBloPoMo Day 13 – Start

    Sometimes I’ve got so many ideas for projects in my head that I wonder where  I should start. What should I do first? When would be the right time? Who can I get to help me? Where will I get the funding? These questions roll around my head with no clear answer in sight. Time…

  • NaPodPoMo #13 Getting It Done

    I was asked what the secret was to “Getting it done”. Since I am a bit of an energetic afternoon person, I figured I would pose the question to you. “What do you do to get it all done?” Play mp3 Feed

Got any book recommendations?