Using Cinch For Quick Audio

Most of you know that first and formost I am a podcaster. I love the audio medium. Back in the day (2005) I used a computer, mixer, mic and various software to share my message on the web. Fast forward a few years and now I am doing almost the same thing with an app on my iPhone. Recording a podcast or interview is as easy as pushing a button on my phone and so is posting. I can upload a photo, show notes and cross post to Twitter and Facebook. Talk about making things easier.

Granted, I am giving up editing, intro and outro music and all manner of possibilities when I forego post production. However, the ease of having my show audio up quickly and easily has made me a believer. For folks who are still sitting on the sideline when it comes to podcasting, I challenge you to give Cinch a try. You’ll become a fan of audio with a few taps on your screen.

Here are some of audio posts I did while I was at South by Southwest #SXSW last month. None of these audio posts were planned. They were all serendipitous. I was able to take advantage of the opportunities as they presented themselves. Imagine being able to do something like this at events or with your clients? The possibilities are endless.




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4 responses to “Using Cinch For Quick Audio”

  1. Michael Avatar

    I agree. Ever since I learned about cinch from you, I use it for all sorts of things. I’ve recorded a few interviews on it and we now use it for our weekly writer’s soundoff where all of our staff call in and sound off on a topic. I still do most of my podcasting the old way, but for quick on the fly, it’s cinch for me.

    1. epodcaster Avatar

      Yep, it has changed the way I do audio. Still love the old ways, but with life moving at such a fast pace, I have found tools like these have long replaced my 3am editing sessions.

  2. uncle bob Avatar

    Just starting out on the podcast adventure for my blog so thanks for letting me know about Cinch, I’m looking for an easy to use software application that will make my podcasting straightforward.

    1. jennifer Avatar

      Happy to share some of the tools I have found to work well with my fast paced life. Certainly makes for quick and easy audio. I like being able to interview folks whenever the opportunity strikes. I hope to hear back from you after you’ve had a chance to put the Cinch app through its paces. Happy Podcasting!

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