Preliminary Sound Booth Test

Living the dream album art I spent some time today looking at DIY Sound Booth sites. I also spent time checking out some of the pro sound proof material. The things folks use to create a sound booth ran the gamut from carpet to duvets to specialty foam/mat boards. It could be free, using items from around the house or it could be several thousand dollars for professional sound tiles/rooms.

As much as I would like to have a functional and beautiful sound booth, I opted for the ‘use whatever we have in the house’ method. It took me all of 5 minutes to concoct the preliminary set up. The materials I used? Two sleeping bags, two sheer curtains, one heating blanket, a piece of leftover floor carpeting and my sweater.

What’s missing? Foam bedding for the ceiling and a barstool to sit on.

With this basic setup done, I decided to test out the sound. I was surprised at how well it turned out. Even in it’s unfinished state, I think the audio from my test is much better than the audio I’ve been doing sitting in my office.

Let me know what you think.






6 responses to “Preliminary Sound Booth Test”

  1. Lans Avatar

    Congrats on the new soundbooth! The sound is definitely quieter and warmer. I think it’s working great.

  2. Michael Avatar

    Sounds good and I couldn’t hear the fan at all. And don’t worry what it looks like as long as it’s functional and is helping with your audio, that’s all that matters.I’d still like to see a pic once it is complete. BTW, I’d advise against putting a tower in there. I’d just have the monitor, keyboard and mouse and have it connected to the tower outside the soundbooth because it can get really noisy, especially if it’s a g4. Awesome job getting it all done. I actually got some motivation from this to complete a smal project of my own. I let my filing system really get pretty bad the last couple of months so I got a new filing cabinet, put it together, got everything organized and I’m in the middle of labeling right now.

  3. Smooooth Skot Avatar

    Cool, sounds good… no fan noise or massive echo. Keep working on that sexy voice. 😉

  4. jennifer Avatar

    Oh you guys! Thanks for the support. 😀

    @michael: you’re right of course about the noise. The other factor would be the heat. It wouldn’t take any time at all for such a small room to heat up.

    Glad I could inspire you to tackle your own project. As for me I’m still in midst of my own filing nightmare…er…I mean project.

    Cheers ya’ll!

  5. Shawno Avatar

    Sounds good! Wish we had some soundproofing around our recording equipment. Enjoy the new setup!

  6. Shaine Avatar

    Great job. I look forward to seeing your new studio.

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