Tag: Community

  • Where’s the Conversation?

    There was a time when the majority of what I saw online was more conversation and less self-promotion. I miss those days. I belong to groups where the conversation is almost non-existent. Folks pop in to promote their most recent sponsored blog post, podcast episode or video creation in order to ask for likes and…

  • Social Media Community Profile

    The wonderful and very talented Stephanie King  aka @szking  used her film and production expertise to create this amazing video profile.

  • Being Active in the Community

    There seems to be this perception that only a select group of folks can create community events. This could not be further from the truth. There is no secret club or handshake required for you or anyone to create a community event. Whether that’s a Tweetup or an UnConference. If you have an idea and…

  • NaPodPoMo #28 Community

    Coming together to take part in NaPodPoMo brings out the sense of community. Play mp3 Feed 

  • NaPodPoMo Day 3 – Community

    With Podcamp AZ happening today I talk about Community online and in real life *UPDATE* 11.04.07  I realized today that in my haste to post day 3 before heading out of town for my sons football game, I posted a repeat of the day 2 audio. I’ll get you were wondering why my post titled…