Being Active in the Community

There seems to be this perception that only a select group of folks can create community events. This could not be further from the truth. There is no secret club or handshake required for you or anyone to create a community event. Whether that’s a Tweetup or an UnConference.

If you have an idea and can find some other folks to champion the idea, then do it.

Don’t wait for permission.
Don’t wait for approval.
Don’t wait…period…amen!

As long as you follow the guidelines for an event which are usually on a wiki somewhere then you should be golden.

Do ask your fellow community members to help make it happen.
Do solicit advice from the more experienced members of your community.
Do be bold and adventurous.

So if you have been waiting for permission to make your community event go from concept to reality.

This is it.

Go! Do! Be!





3 responses to “Being Active in the Community”

  1. Angela Avatar

    As Always Jennifer– so well put….Yes! thanks for the observation– this applies outside social media as well. Go! Do! Be! involved and engaged in your community- and in edcuation– create support and be a lifelong learner!

    1. jennifer Avatar

      Thanks Angela!

      I agree. I tell my kids that learning doesn’t end when you graduate. When I’m an old lady sitting on the porch in a rocking chair watching the great-grandkids play in the yard, I will still be learning something everyday. Being a life long learner makes life interesting.


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