What I’m talking about 2008-09-19

  • Listening to @chrisheuer is sharing the history of Social Media Club. Great stuff! #
  • awesome Social Media Club San Antonio meeting. Thanks to Chris Heuer for taking the time to chat. We enjoyed the conversation and the photo #
  • Ack! What happened? New look to Twitter. I’m not sure I like it. I liked my tabs where they were. *sigh* #
  • @kr8tr: No worries. You were missed, but we look forward to connecting with you next week. 🙂 Lion & the Rose? #
  • @SACynic: Heehee! The caffeine patch lady made me laugh. Good one. #
  • @shaine: Are you using all of your VA’s hours? #
  • @DavidWard: I agree. It feels ‘off’ somehow. Not sure what it is, but there seems to be something missing. #
  • @Medros: Thanks! I use that as my personal gauge. When I’m getting hit from all sides, I remind myself that it just means good stuff coming #
  • The day is already moving at the speed of light. Good stuff. Meeting a client at Smoking Mo’s for lunch. Mmmmm…BBQ. #
  • All things being equal have you found it better to have a virtual assistant or a real life personal assistant? Pros & Cons? #
  • @doingmedia: Sounds like you’ve experienced something today. Sounds juicy. Care to share? #
  • @marc1919: Really? Who knew a hurricane that knocks out utilities and destroys homes and buildings would interrupt business? Duh! #
  • @treocast: Are they close enough to run and extension cord or two? #
  • BTW, in case you missed yesterday’s SMC-SA fun, we’ve set up a Ning site to continue the chatter. A few pics and Q&A video up. Fun, fun, fun #
  • Retweet from @daveiam Are you a Blogger in Austin? EMail me for a cool Halloween story opportunity. dneff22@gmail.com #
  • @juliegomoll: I’m leaning towArds a RL Asst. but keep hearing how great VA’s are. Still looking at both options. Thanks for the input. #
  • FEAST Patriots 6-man football is back on track after Hurrican Ike forced last weeks game cancellation against Corpus Christi Annapolis. #
  • @stacybrice: In which case a VA would be advantages vs. a RL asst. True. Makes it easy to be clear cut on the Employee vs Contractor debate. #
  • @lrh: We wondered if you were just being snooty or something ;-P #
  • @lauramariemusic: Yeah, it happens. I reply to @ replies all the time. #

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