What I’m talking about 2008-09-25

  • I think @anneohio said it best, "If you’re not adding to my life, I’m subtracting you". #
  • I feel better now that the "subtracting people" part of my day is done. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s all up hill from here folks! #
  • @AnnOhio: Ann, you have no idea how helpful your motto has been to me. Thanks so much for sharing your philosophy. It works. ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • @shaine: Wow talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy. Good thing you have that drive to help you work out the issues. Good luck! #
  • @Enlighten_Up:I think it comes back to what’s important to you. Some things change in importance over time. Change is ok.Means we’re growing #
  • @mdeleon: Agreed! The PowerBook I’m using right now was one we picked up via Craigslist. There are some great deals to be found there. #
  • Working on football for tonights game. We’ll be in Prarie Lea <–home of the first 6-man football game ever played in Texas. #
  • @fave: I’ve got some time to chat today. Feel free to give me a call. ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • Football program finished. Now time for some tasty brew and catching up on some news, blogs, tweets, etc… #
  • @pandaran: Keep your eye on the Austin Craigslist for more of a pre-owned Mac selection. #
  • @roneyzone: There’s room for us all. Each of us has our own unique perspective and different folks respond to different styles. Best wishes! #
  • @GSPN: Hmmmmm…do you think your kids walked off with my iPhone, too? I can’t seem to find mine either ;-P #
  • @giovanni: Pitch Camp sounds like it’ll be a blast. I love the fast paced interaction you get from the hands-on type Camps. #
  • @iwarshak: No, but it could be if we all just use it enough. That’s how things get in the dictionary. Authentification <–new word ;-P #
  • @imelda: "I Am Legend" had me deep in thought for about a week after I first saw it. #
  • @SheilaS: You go girl! #
  • @shaine: the absolute loneliness, the loss of his only companion, The what-if’s, the "How did it come to this" aspect #
  • @bradpearl: Was it an audio interview? I wonder if the kids who didn’t respond are intimidated to ask their family for an interview? #
  • @Mobasoft: I remind myself of the "coin in a fishes mouth" story and about the widow and son who were able to sell lamp oil. #
  • @Mobasoft: Matthew 17:27 Now if only I had a fishing pole to go catch that fish with the coin in his mouth ๐Ÿ˜‰ #
  • @Mobasoft: 2Kings4, I look at it as God’s ability to increase the small things I have and it is up to me to "sell the oil". #
  • @Adomatica: one of favorite old standby’s is "Rocket Scientist". Sounds very 60’s and race to the moonish. #
  • Oooo! So many great things happening right now. I can’t wait to share. Things still cooking or maybe I should say brewing. ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • @AllAxisAjay: Wishing mom and dad the best. Have a safe journey! #
  • @leahjones: the only thing that comes to mind is a free ISP hosting like GoDaddy. They put ads at the top of the site though #
  • The last of the football programs have been printed, folded and cut. I’m ready for today’s game. #
  • @empowered: I’d love some tips on spicing up the same old meals. Family is tired of the tried-n-true and for the most part so am I. #
  • @mdeleon: Thanks for the recommendations. #
  • Had a great chat with @shaine. He is the heartbeat of the RGV Community. #
  • @doctorlinguist: What?! You mean it’s not all like an episode of House? #
  • @Pandaran: Turns out doing something for you is actually doing something for myself. Must update my LinkedIn acct to proceed. #
  • @pandaran: The event you are trying to edit is in the past and cannot be changed. Simply create a new event for next month. HTH #
  • @BryanPerson: 19 people on a panel? That seems way off. How can everyone really contribute on a panel that size? #
  • @DYbarra: I remember those good old Twitter days, too. #
  • gas at the Flying J off I10 and Foster Road is $3.25 #
  • just finished going through some of smallest back roads in Texas. Prairie Lea #
  • @sheila Congrats on the upcoming goodness. I love it when good things happen to my Twitterbuds. ๐Ÿ˜€ #

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