What I’m talking about 2008-09-28

  • Baber(?) Scrifty(?), here we come. http://tinyurl.com/3q5fss #
  • Since it’s still the weekend I wish you all another Goof Morning 😉 #
  • @SheilaS:the funny thing is that I am friends with lots of folks on Facebopk. None of the College kids ;-^ #
  • What do you say when the hotel brings up a gift: bucket of ice with 2 bottles of Landshark in it complete w/ lime & salt? Chips-n-salsa, too #
  • Uh……Thanks? #
  • @SACynic: Sounds fancy. Was this for your honeymoon or just cuz? #
  • The weather in Corpus Christi has been absolutely lovely. A sunny clear day. Sailboats going out this morning and now coming back in. #
  • @makiten: I find Goof Mornings are more fun than Good Mornings. ;-P #
  • @SACynic: After all the dance floor boogy woogy it’s no wonder you all were tired. Good thing you had the cruise to rest up. #

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