What I’m talking about 2008-10-01

  • I think my dog had Roid Rage. 2 weekds ago Vet gave her steroids to combat allergies. She became sleepy, grouchy and kinda mean. #
  • A couple of days ago she woke up peppy, happy and like her old self. Don’t think we’ll have vet give her steroids again. I like my pup back. #
  • @darylcognito: I guess pups can react differently to steroids. Mine if better off without. Glad Kuma has been on the upside of the steroids. #
  • @AllAxisAjay: In that case it looks like Kuma is in luck and Ladybird…not so much. #
  • @darylcognito: The boys had let the backyard get a overgrown. Turns out Ladybird was allergic to the stuff in the backyard. Weird, huh? #
  • It’s October 1st, do you know what happens starting November 1st? Yep, November 1st kicks of NaPodPoMo. Will you join the crazy fun? #
  • Just reopened the group for brave folks who can podcast every day for the entire month of November. http://napodpomo.ning.com/?xgi=dgnRedr #
  • @bpende: It was definitely a challenge last year. I posted mostly after 11pm. I think we’ve got it in us for another year of NaPodPoMo fun. #
  • @tellingontrixie: Congrats on reaching your funding goal. It’s great to have folks show their appreciation by helping you continue. #
  • great info coming out of SocialMedia Chapter Leadership call. #
  • In the interest of being green, who wants to carpool to tonight’s Tweetup? I’m in North Central SA. Bueller? Bueller? #
  • @Medros: Ack! NaPodPoMo alumni will be missed. I’m going to try my hand at a live show. Means no hosting or post edit issues. #
  • @brendabbailey: Tweetup tonight from 5-7pm at Waxy O’Connors on the Riverwalk. Across the river from La Masion. #
  • @lrh: Ah, REAL Mexican Food! Not the typical Tex-Mex you find on every corner, I take it? Enjoy! #
  • @Nicole03: Hey Nicole, no worries. A Tweetup is a Twitter Meetup. Local Twitter folks get together for the Face-to-Face side of Twitter. #
  • @Armano: When all else fails, Theraflu is your friend. #
  • 2009 San Antonio events: GreenCamp April 18th, Podcamp May 16th, Startup Weekend May 29-31, Barcamp Sept. 5. Still interested in a MobiCamp #
  • I trying to decide between BlogTalkRadio and Utterz for NaPodPoMo http://tinyurl.com/3gp8gl #
  • @shawno: Yikes! Okay, I’m open to the discussion of why using something like Utterz or BTR is not podcasting. Let me hear it. #
  • @Armano: I’ve got your back. Homemade Chicken Soup is what’s for lunch in the Navarrete household. #
  • @shawno: I don’t disagree that originally podcasts were recorded, edited and the uploaded. However, I don’t want to discount newer tools. #
  • @shawno: Plus with time at a premium these days, I know that allowing non-traditional and sometimes creative methods works well. #
  • @shawno: I’ve been wanting to tackle the “live” show for a couple of years now. I guess this looks like the perfect opportunity to do both. #
  • @shawno: Nah! I do understand. I’ve been a traditional podcaster for a long time. Time is getting harder to come by. So I’ve got to change. #
  • @shaine: Yep, I’ll be going live for NaPodPoMo starting November 1st. So now my question is scheduled BTR or impromptu Utterz? #
  • What?! I just tried to call Senator John Cornyn only to find a recorded message that says their lines are busy. “Hang up and call later”. #
  • @mastermaq:I find two camps of Canadians. Those who are as passionate about what’s happening in the US as we are & those who could care less #
  • @SheilaS: Mild-melding opportunities with @conniereece are phenomenal. #
  • I’m at the Riverwalk a bit early to avoid the crazy5pm traffic. Anyone else here yet for the Tweetup at Waxy O’Connors? #
  • Sitting on the Riverwalk enjoying the great weather, a cold beverage and Tweetup fun. #
  • Stella! Stella! #

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