NaBloPoMo #5 Time Shifting our Entertainment

Over the summer our family decided to bite the bullet and sign up for premium TV content . We have been a no cable family for about 8 years. Paying for high speed internet was a no-brainer, but to pay for a bunch of nothing on TV? Forget it!

That was until we discovered the wonder of having premium content and a DVR or Digital Video ecorder for the uninitiated. It has changed television watching for us. For the most part TV watching is a one way conversation akin to how a conference or seminar works. The TV or speaker does the talking and we as the audience sit in a stupor listening.

If watching TV is like being in a seminar or conference. Then watching TV with a DVR is like an UnConference. Conversations abound! With the DVR we are free to pause the action to discuss what just happened, rewind the action to see it again and again and again (very handy with sports programming). Or even better you are able to fast forward through those pesky commercials.

We’re also able to pursue our interests outside of the house without ever worrying about missing anything. I have a friend who drives his wife batty on Sunday evenings because he rushes her family visits because he doesn’t want to miss a moment of his favorite program. Imagine if they had a DVR? He could stay at the in-laws all night long secure in the knowledge that his favorite program will be waiting for him.

Our television watching has never been so conversational as it is now. We stop and discuss everything! Now I’m not encouraging you to spend the day watching TV, but if you’re going to do it then I highly recommend using a DVR.





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