NaBloPoMo Day 10 Decades

Today is my National Blog Post Month Day 10 post. Ten days of blogging means ten blog posts. This on a blog that up until November 1st had about a handful of posts. I have to say that the daily posting hasn’t been as much of a challenge as I had originally thought. Granted there are still 20 more posts or should I say 2 more decades to go.  Not sure why I didn’t post as much before. I guess sometimes all that’s needed is a nice push of encouragement to get things done. In this case NaBloPoMo was the push and the inspiration.

Since this is day 10 it got me thinking about decades. Typically decades are used to describe the passage of years. As in there are 10 decades in a century. I’ve also heard it referred to in sets of prayers such as, “There are 5 decades of Hail Mary’s in a Rosary.”

I’m curious as to other uses for the word DECADE. While it may be most common to mark the passage of 10 years are there other common uses in every day life?

Enjoy your Saturday and we’ll chat more…….tomorrow.





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