NaBloPoMo Day 30 – 30 Days of Blogging Success!

I am glad to have taken part in the National Blog Post Month 2007. Coupled along with the NaPodPoMo 2007 event made two of the items on my wish list come true. At the start of it all, I said I wanted to blog and podcast more often. Although I had several podcasts and a blog I never felt I could tackle it on a daily basis. Then along came all the buzz for NaNoWriMo and then I heard about NaBloPoMo and NaVloPoMo. All happening during the month of November. What better way to dive right in head first into something I’ve been wanting to do than to tackle it along with several thousand other folks?

Success by doing something alongside others even though I had never met a single person who was embarking on this challenge with me. Just knowing there were others plugging away at all hours to do their 30 days of blogging made it easier for me to see this through. It was almost as if I had an obligation to each and every one of them as much as I had an obligation to myself. So thanks. Thanks for being my blogging partners even though we never met.

I’ll be back next year for NaBloPoMo 2008.

You can count on it.





One response to “NaBloPoMo Day 30 – 30 Days of Blogging Success!”

  1. Shaine Avatar

    Great job. Can’t wait until next year.

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