NaBloPoMo Day 9 Endings

Just as there are beginnings to things there are endings. For our family this weekend will be the beginning of the end. Another year of Six-Man Football draws to a close with the Iron Man Football Tournament. The team ended the regular season play undefeated 9-0.

Why do I say it’s the beginning of the end? Once the Tournament is over so is the season. The team will meet once more to turn in their uniforms and the weeks and months of practice and play will draw to a close.

During the sports season we are a close knit group of families. Watching the growth of our young men and families with each new season. Football is a big commitment for the players but an even bigger commitment for the families. We interact with one another often during the months of August – November. I know during this time of the year I see my football family more than I see my real family. As a matter a fact my mom called recently to check up on me.

Football season will be ending this weekend and except for the end of year banquet, I don’t expect to see any of the folks on the team until the boys gear up for Spring Training in May. Yet, when we do get back together after a six month absence it will be as though no time passed at all. We’ll step right back into each others lives and become a close knit group once again.





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