NaBloPoMo Day 29 – The Tale End?

With only 1 more day to go before the NaBloPoMo challenge is complete it almost seems as though it didn’t happen at all.  It has gone by relatively fast and the fact that we’ve been doing this for 29 days seems unreal. I almost don’t believe it and I’m the one who did it.

So with only 1 more day to go, I’m left to ponder my daily blogging and podcasting future. It’s tempting to stop, but also tempting to just keep going. I’ve heard that it takes 30 days to make or break a habit. I would say that after tomorrow I will have created a new habit for myself. Daily podcasting & blogging.

What does that mean? Well it could mean that I’m free to continue the NaPodPoMo and NaBloPoMo experiences. When I look back on the last months posts I see bits of myself in both the audio and written format.  Yet I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the things I’m passionate about. Things that interest me. Things that are fun. Things that me go ???

After all tomorrow is another day.





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